Why, yes I am.

This is it. The very first published post. I would like to say it will be the first of many but in truth it very well may be the only one. Or maybe just the first of two. I ‘m not sure.

When my husband asked me last night what I wanted for Mother’s Day I didn’t have an answer. Not because I’m one of those moms who says they don’t want anything–I like gifts. I like to give them and certainly to receive them–but because I truly hadn’t thought about it. My birthday was just last week and my husband presented me with a guitar (I don’t play but have this idea in my mind that one day I will play) and so something new just wasn’t on my mind. At least not last night. This morning I woke up with a FANTASTIC idea for what I would like to get so I called him and let him know that I would like Depeche Mode tickets. He of course didn’t love the idea (I truly think he was expecting me to say a gift certificate somewhere but he should really know by now that I’m not afraid to go big when asked what I want. Hence the guitar) but let’s be honest, I’ll probably get the tickets (because he wuvs me).

So, in preparation for my upcoming concert I decided to YouTube a video of them from their AMAZING concert in 1988 at the Rose Bowl. All you DM fans will of course know that is probably their finest hour(s) in a live performance. Here is a snippet for you.

For some reason the German subtitled on it makes it even more cool. Also, you so wish you could pull off white jeans like Dave can. Very few are able to do it.

Now I’m amped. I mean do I think this show will be as good as the Rose Bowl? Absolutely not. It’s not possible and I don’t know that they have ever reached that level again but the bottom line is: They are so cool I can’t stand it. So, in order to prep for the awesomeness that is a DM concert I have two goals:

  1. To create as many Depeche Mode fans as possible. Or at least recommend what song/album would best suit your stage in life at the moment.
  2. To lose enough weight that when I wear jeans and lift my arms up in some ecstatic frenzy my hip bones are exposed thus exposing my ultra cool DM tattoo and making it known to all surrounding people that I’m a true fan.


Yep. That’s the tattoo.

I guess I could commit to a post with full progress reports/updates on how achieving my goals is going and that would put me at two blog posts for sure. I just don’t know that it would be totally interesting.

I just realized I should probably make it known that I was not at the Rose Bowl concert. I would have been 2. Just watch 101 and you will understand how I, someone who wasn’t there, can know it was so crazy good.



2 thoughts on “Why, yes I am.

  1. Love that you started a blog! Keep it up! It can be soooooo encouraging and fun! And how true to yourself you are!? I mean, of course you would write about Depeche!

    Love ya!

    PS you are getting a mention on my blog tomorrow!

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