Master? I’m probably no Yoda…

Tomorrow will be the day that I start a cleanse. I have my sights set for three days (somewhat attainable goal) but really who knows how it’s going to go. The bottom line is that I just love food. Like I literally live for my next delicious bite and if I keep at this rate then in two years you will see me on Biggest Loser. Secretly it’s a dream of mine because I love Jill and Bob, however, I don’t want to be that chubby.

The purpose of this cleanse, or rather my purpose of this cleanse, is to make it so I don’t crave my top food groups (i.e. treats and bread) and instead look at food as a life source and not an activity. This will probably be extremely hard seeing as how my husband and I plan our weekends around meals. Going to Disneyland? Okay well let’s make sure we swing by Ghirardelli for a sundae. Out running errands for the day? How about a stop in at BJ’s. Long day ahead of us? Start the day out right with a breakfast at Flappy Jacks*. This is all fine and good for my husband since he doesn’t gain weight. Well plus or minus ten pounds on a guy doesn’t count. Plus or minus ten pounds on a girl is a different story and let’s call it like it is… I’ve got a few more than ten pounds to shed.

I understand eating right. I cook all of our meals. I have stopped buying dessert type treats. I exercise, in fact I’m training for the Disney half marathon on Labor Day weekend. My problem is that I am a bored/emotional eater. Nothing makes me feel better than something so delicious to bite into. Perhaps the cleanse will take away that emotional need for food help me focus on what food really is.

*Flappy Jacks is the best breakfast in the world. No joke. Okay maybe not better than the Peppermill in Vegas but it’s pretty amazing. Also you may be more likely to get diabetes at the Peppermill than Flappys.

Because I have a baby that sometimes feels the need to interrupt me mid blog post the upper portion was really written on Thursday (it’s Monday) and I now have an update for you! I’ll be honest… I’m no master at the Master Cleanse. At least not yet. I will try it again… next week sometime. Maybe.

I began my cleanse on Friday morning and it was going great… until about three in the afternoon when I was going into a full hunger rage and deciding that my daughter and my husband probably didn’t need to endure me being out of control. I ended up eating a turkey burger (no bun) that rocked my world. I do have to say that I have been eating much better (minus the cinnamon roll I at on Sunday) and have set some attainable healthy goals.

Here the are:
1. Lose 15 pounds by July 4th
2. Run four times a week.
3. Exercise 6 times a week

I actually feel like this will be something I do. I have my husband on board to help motivate me and work out with me. So I may not have conquered the cleanse goal but I did conquer the shame and guilt I normally feel when I don’t achieve what I want to achieve. Pretty big step in the world of me.


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