I feel like I just want to throw out some rants/shout outs right now.

  1. Shout out to the guy who reviewed Lake Perris on Yelp and said that the beach area looked like a Somalian refugee camp. You nailed it on the head. It was a perfect comment in the perfect tone and I appreciate that you were not afraid to be not PC. I also appreciate the hysterical laughs that my Sister-in-Law and I had as we approached that same beach on a wave runner.
  2. Rant. I am curious why in the span of 6 hours at the SRC (Somalian Refugee Camp) there were two lost kids and one announcement by the life guards to keep an eye on your children. How on Earth do you actually lose your child in that setting? Let me set it up. Beach with an ass load of people. How are you not on your child like “white on rice.” Considering that the women who lost the child was surrounded by her 20 person familia I am assuming that there were enough people to actually keep an eye on the kid. Also, if you actually believe your child is lost enough to have the lifeguards clear the water and search the bottom of the lake why are you not in the lake searching too or screaming said childs name while running up and down the beach… just to insure they know they are lost and you are worried. Why are you sitting up at the life guard tower barely crying and making the “aye Dios mios face.” Just curious how that happens. Our group had two kids under the age of 3 with us. Never once did we lose them and constantly people were making sure they were still at base camp. Like if my husband couldn’t see our baby he made sure I knew where she was or grandma or someone had her. It is still more baffling that three hours after the first lost child and the watch your kids announcement that there was ANOTHER lost child. What the shit people. These are children.
  3. Shout out to my Dad for actually making a pretty fun day at the SRC. It was pretty great and I got an awesome base tan (sunburn). The raft you pull behind the boat was pretty incredible and loved that it was like getting an enema with out the hassle.
  4. Rant. Teething infants kind of aren’t the greatest. I medicate you. You sleep for 4 hours. You wake up. I offer nice cooling frozen watermelon and canteloupe to sooth those sore gums. You throw them on the floor and give me “what is this shit” look. You whine. I give you something else. You throw it all over yourself. I stay patient.   You continue to whine and only want to be held but at 14 months you’re not so easy to carry around all day long. I still love you though. Also you’re so cute I want to eat you.
  5. Rant. I should be running and training for this 1/2 marathon I have coming up… but it’s so hot I feel like a hippo swimming through quicksand.

That’s it. I guess I’m in a Negative Nancy kind of mood right now.





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