It’s the first day of the D23 expo and while I should be gearing up to go to bed early so I can wake up at the crack of dawn so I can head down to Saturdays expo, I’m not. I’m instead trying to find the bright side of having to go Sunday… When you think maybe Tom Hanks or Dick Van Dyke may be showing up only on Saturday it’s hard to find your silver lining. There will be one, I just don’t know what it is yet. In case you’re wondering why I won’t be making it tomorrow it’s because myself and someone I know are the biggest procrastinators in the world. We can normally get away with it too since her and I are weirdly able to get everything we want. Not this time. It’s sold out.

So, instead of gearing up for tomorrow I’m on the couch (pouting just a little) and listening to the Disneyland fireworks off in the distance with Pirates of the Caribbean on. Ratatouille just finished up. I can’t help but to feel a little teary eyed right now and it’s not from being disappointed but because I truly love the magic of Disney. Every night at 9:30 I’m reminded of not just this magical place twenty minutes away but this magical place that lives in me. In all of us. It’s, for me, one of pure pure wonder. I watch a Disney movie and I feel sweet again. I feel awe. Amazement. Hope. Joy. All of the things you lose as an adult Disney gives them back to you. Whether its for a day in the parks or ninety minutes with a movie or 15 minutes of spectacular fireworks a two minute song you feel it again.

Sometimes my childhood wasn’t the best. I love my parents and they love me but they didn’t always like each other and the house could feel it. For those times when a screaming match was going on I could just get lost in Beauty and the Beast or the Little Mermaid and it was an escape. I could breathe and relax because they were a comfort. They offered me another world that sometimes I needed. I love Disney for giving that to me and I know that millions of others feel the same.

This is why I feel disappointed about not being able to go. I want to experience Disney’s great moments because it’s a great moment for me and I cherish those forever.




Just a few perfect Disney moments from the past year. I remember each one perfectly and they fill my heart.


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