Make way for Judy

Alright, alright. I am clearly a terrible blogger. I am trying to change this though and post a lot more often(obviously I didn’t mean I am terrible blogger because my posts are lame).

My two newest obsessions are researching homeschooling and my elf Judy. The homeschooling chit chat I think I will leave for another post because I need to research it a bit more but just so you know it’s a thought and one that I think I am really in favor of. So, onto our elf Judy (Juday when she’s being fierce). We got Judy last year for my daughters first Christmas and yes, I know that Josie is not going to remember Judy’s early days but I assure you my husband and I will. I can’t even tell you how much fun we have taking turns hiding her around the house or anticipating what the other one did with her. Seriously we went to bed laughing every night in December last year. Surprisingly Darryl was clever with her (not that he isn’t clever but I tend to have to force him into doing stupid stuff with me) and I woke up to find her in some pretty precarious situations. For example, one morning I found her smoking oregano pot and another morning she had clearly spent all night drinking our beer. Needless to say Judy isn’t the sweetest elf around and you know something, I appreciate it. She did have a couple of therapy sessions last year with our Christmas teddy bear and while Darryl thinks she made real progress I know she still has a wild streak in her. One that I plan on exploiting heavily this year.

In preparation for Judy’s arrival from the North Pole I have started to plan out how she will actually show up/give word that she will be coming to town soon. In a day or two she will be sending a letter with a gingerbread house for us to build. She’s not doing it because she’s sweet and wants us to have fun family time but because she obviously needs a place for her stuff while she’s here. I will have to post the letter she sends because I anticipate it being hilarious. If it’s not then you probably will never see it and we will forget it ever happened. I also think Judy is going to show up a few days after Thanksgiving rather than the day after because the bottom line is she has some killer going away parties to go to and she’s probably going to be hung over. I’m not totally sure how she will actually arrive but I can venture to say it will be pretty awesome.

Disclaimers: I don’t exploit Judy like some people do to get their kids to behave during the holidays. Josie behaves already because I don’t mess around with her acting like a little a hole. She knows I’m legit and behaves like a little angel pie face. I also don’t ever complain about Judy like I hear some people do. You bought the elf so that means you have to commit to it and were obviously willing to commit to it at the time of purchase… it’s not like you have to make stupid powdered sugar snow angels every night but I mean relocate the elf and call it a night. I also plan on sending Judy to an intensive rehabilitation program before next year because I clearly don’t need her making a debacle of Christmas magic for Josie. So while Josie will only ever remember a sweet little elf Darryl and I will always have our early Judy memories to give us laughs for years to come. Maybe even if one of us gets Alzheimer’s it will be the only thing we remember. That’s an awful joke that I’m clearly not deleting.

So, the time is soon for Judy’s arrival and I guess I should get to cleaning the house because she is one picky bitch. IMG_1287



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